GMAT Quant Flash Cards

How did I improve my GMAT score from 560 to 790 in under 6 months? By creating my own set of GMAT quant flashcards, based on hundreds of courses, drills, and practice exams taken throughout my preparation. As a firm believer in the power of memorization (yes, even for the GMAT!), I condensed all my notes and error logs into flashcard form, which quickly became the foundation for my study plan.

Knowing how instrumental they were to my GMAT success, I couldn’t part with my messy stack of handwritten flash cards, promising myself that I would eventually make them available to the public. Now, after finally running out of ways to entertain myself during quarantine, I’ve finally digitized and uploaded the content.

I’ve narrowed down my original stack of cards to create Matt’s GMAT Flashcards, nearly 250 cards of the most important formulas, strategies, and drills to improve your decision making, strategy, and speed during the GMAT quant section. They are available for purchase below for $9.99, including a money back satisfaction guarantee.

For a commitment-free look at some of the materials, download our free sample, which includes 30 of Matt’s GMAT Flashcards at no cost.

Matt’s GMAT Flashcards

Full Flashcard Set
250 cards
Flashcard Sample
30 cards

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